I’m 12 years old and 5ft 9” is this tall?


The doctor said i was this tall a few days ago and he also said i JUST started my “growth-spurt” so i still have a lot of growing left to do :)
another problem, i love being tall ( or at least i love thinking im tall) ut it makes nmy body look weird.
for insantces, when i have a shirt on and i’m standing, i look slim as an athletic kid but when i take my shirt off….. yikes im very um blubbery. Yes thats the word blubbery. The truth of the matter though is i don’t really like sports but give me a Cello or a Paino and i can knock your socks off. If i went up to ANYBODY in my school and asked where is the g key on the paino they would look at me as if i asked if they ever went to the planet mars and had tea with a martian! (lol)
in fact one time i was in a store and they had a guitar for kids to try and I have NO experince with the guitar what so ever. I played at this shop before but a long time ago. Well anyway while i was expermening some elder wowman came up to me and said ” aren’t you glad those lessons paid off” and winked. I loked at her and she said “well you must take lessons if you play THAT good” i told her i dont play and she looked really confuzed and walked of saying ‘you should take lessons”
The question is WITHOUT saying to take a sport how can i get slim? Should I not worry about this because of my height? lol im ramblng now aren’t i? LOL
Just some info about me i guess lol


  1. laurence c says:

    taller than your hat

  2. Tanya says:

    football, running, basketball, tennis, swimming. yes u are pretty tall for 12, but thats no problem!

  3. Isaac says:

    Shit… Im 17 and im 5’8.

  4. gladys says:

    Are you kidding me? You should start playing basketball and get yourself to play in the NBA! Engage into any sport that will make size an advantage.