I wish I’d taken GCSE music?

Begin with the end in mind.

I love singing (I’ve been singing for years and I’m doing my grade 6 at the moment) and I can play a bit of piano and guitar (I have lessons) and for some reason I didn’t take GCSE music because I thought it was a waste of time. I thought I’d do A Level instead because I’d rather focus on other subjects. But some girls I know took it for some reason and it looks really good. I don’t get it though because 2 of the 3 girls I know, they don’t know alot about music. One of them does singing grades like me and is very good at piano (been playing since age 11). But the other 2 don’t have much experience, they are average singers with no grades and they don’t play any instruments. I don’t get it?


  1. Mr. Bobbleweed says:

    The ones who don’t play instruments won’t do as well, simple as that.