Guitar Notes: How Do I Get A More Husky Singing Voice?

After Rehearsal Jam :: Jamal Hartwell on Keys, Lydell Tate on Bass, Nikki Ingram on vocals, Arlene Hartwell on vocals (Wifey), Evan on vocals too, Cameron Tate on drums. A lot of people ask me all the time how to change modes or to create a new sound. One way to do that is to use the relative minor and use the flatted 7 as your launching board. If you ever heard that Neo-Soul Hip-Hop McDonalds commercial that’s what that is. The circle of fifths is not just used to do the standard, but you can actually cycle 5ths and circle 4ths to create a nice Neo-Soul and Jazzy feel. Then you come back home to the 5. PS: Sorry for saying F# instead of Gb…Bad habit. I call it a circle of minors, because you are essentially in the relative minor or a mixture of a dorian mode by playing with the Db key and the Gb key which is the relative minor. The Gb and the Db share many of the same chords and notes. The flatted 7th in the key of Eb is Db and going to the Gb Major is the 4th of Db. Then going to the B is the fourth of Gb and the E is the flatted 7th of Gb. So between the flatted 7th’s and the relative minors, you can get a nice circle going on and make sure you come back home by hitting the Eb over Ab, or the five. Chords: 1. Ab Major 9 2. C Minor 9 3. Db Major 9 4. Gb Major 9 5. B Major 9 6. E Major 9 7. Ab9/Bb Download MIDI File: Church Address: Majestic Life Church — 6782 N. Orange Blossom Trail — Orlando, Florida 32810, Sundays at 10:00AM

And before anyone asks, yes my voice has dropped and I’m 19. Just to get that outta the way. I want to get into singing, I’ve been playing guitar for 7 years now and want to begin playing and singing. I have a decent voice, I can sustain a note and because I’ve been playing guitar I know about scales and all that jazz. Well my voice sounds pretty weak, I sound too much like a pop singer. I dunno if you’ve ever heard but I sound more like eric johnson singing, link here if you don’t:

I want a more rough voice, I sound like a puff. Do I just have to accept the fact that I sound like a puff when I sing or can I change it? Don’t suggest smoking because I’m doing that just to be able to sing.
Oh, I’m a slightly heavy drinker. Dunno if this helps at all.


  1. Polly says:

    Singing lessons

  2. gordon3392 says:

    Sing from the back of your throat.

  3. Cherallison says:

    A good voice coach will teach you palatal choice which includes soft palate and hard palate placement. Which means “tone before air” or “air before tone” in singing. It’s all about air and use of the soft Palate.