Guitar Games: How Can I Hook Up A Guitar To A Playstation 2 ?

Ok so i have a PS2 and a copy of the game MUSIC 3000 apparently you can get a device called a USB sampler which was released specificlly for use with music 3000 but the usb sampler has became impossible to find.

I am NOT at all up to speed with computers so could you please answer the following in laymans terms ?

What im looking for is an alternative device (probablly never intended to be used with a ps2) that would connect to the ps2 via the ps2’s usb socket and have audio inputs so i could plug my guitar or other (mp3 player ect) devices in ?

and do you think the ps2 would recognise it ?


  1. LucasMan says:

    Well there are several USB audio interfaces, but the PS2 won’t recognize them.