Recording Acoustic Guitar: How Does This Home-studio Recording Setup Sound?

I have not purchased these items yet, but I am very close to.
I think I just need a final verification that it will all be okay.
Firstly, I just do some covers to songs with my Acoustic Guitar and vocals.
I play live, with vocals and guitar together as one, so I have no interest in recording the guitar and then singing separately.

I’m thinking of getting the following setup:
Audio Technica AT3035 Cardoid Condensor Side-Address Microphone.

Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer

Then, plug the microphone and acoustic into the mixer, and then get a coverter (if mixer output(s) does not go into laptop), plug mixer to laptop (either MacBook and use Garageband or Windows Laptop and use Cubase)

I’d be really happy if the quality could match something like this:

( Obviously, I’d also be getting the standard things such as mic stands, popper stoppers, etc. )

Also, if theres anything else I should note in terms of the mixer/converting etc?
Thanks a lot in advance for help! :]