Guitar Songs: Name Me A Few Really Hard Songs To Play On Guitar?

Need it for a college audition


  1. niccynaccynoo says:

    Dragonforce – Through the fire and flames
    Kalmah – Through the gallows

    most skilled guitar playing comes from the extreme metal scene with genres like speed metal, melodic death metal and power metal.

  2. Capodastaro says:

    jerry’s breakdown – Jerry Reed

    Angel – Jimi Hendrix

    Muffin Man – Frank Zappa

    Anything by Chet Atkins

  3. ♥3RawrsForRandom♥♫ says:

    Listen to a few protest the hero songs.. They sound really hard, and people on youtube are always saying their hard haha.

  4. Bobby says:

    I’d go for Canon Rock by Jerry C. It’s classic mixed with rock, it sounds extremely impressive, look it up on youtube, it’s one of the top rated videos. If you’re looking for less rockish music go for something like “take 5″ it’s an incredible jazz piece.

  5. alf_hart2000 says:

    This I have to comment on ,I bet you a million bucks you can’t play this

  6. Lidy says:

    November rain,
    Whole lot of rosie,
    The final count down.
    and maggie by foster and alan.

  7. Tom I says:

    A fair bit of Steve Vai’s output is pretty impossible. Blue Powder would go down well…

  8. Ranteater says:

    The solo on “Country Boy” by Albert Lee. Or just about any Albert Lee solo for that matter.