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i would love to play piano/keyboard, i cant get lessons but my mum use to play and said she’d teach me, but said she doesnt think she can remember how to read music whatever that means. i play guitar and find it easy enough as i taught myself then got lessons which complicated me so i just went back to teaching my self, my old guitar teacher told me that the keys on a piano are the same as a guitar ” E B G D A E ” ?

any tips on how i could learn to play, and if my mum cant read music would that effect her teaching me?


  1. Jimmy Jones says:

    Piano is so easy compared to guitar, go for it

  2. Full English says:

    my mum tried teaching me when i was younger. Faild. Never let family teach you. Its alot easier than you think if you take it slow and learn one hand at a time. playing the piano and reading music are two different things. i would go for it if i were you, amazing instrument.

    as for learning. Id scope the net first before taking lessons to get a preemptive start. DONT LET YOUR MUM TEACH YOU although her not reading music wouldnt be too much of a set back. I would advise learning to read music also though

  3. Gillian Derutcher says:

    Its not that hard to play piano. I self taught myself to play the piano and all i did was look up the keys and songs online. Most likely if your mom cant read music then that would effect her teaching abilities. Piano is really easy to play if your patient and calm when your doing it. It might take a while to learn but its fun.

  4. Bobbi Bell says:

    Ya it would affect her teaching. And it takes practice. Google how to read notes. It’s kida hard to explain. Hope I helped. :)