Guitar Songs: How Hard Is It Too Learn Guitar?

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I’m thinking about buying one of those beginner guitar packages on ebay because I wanna start learning. You get a guitar, amp, beginner guide/booklet and dvd, some tabs for beginner songs and some other things. Not sure if I should though. Would that be it to get me started?


  1. chickalatina11 says:

    yeah..don’t get disappointed when you sound like crap the first 6 months though.and your fingers will hurt SO bad,but once you get passed that,it’ll be all worth it.good luck :)

  2. Jenala says:

    It is not that hard. Only if you make it hard on yourself. I learned how to play guitar a few years ago.You just have to learn the notes.

  3. guitarlegend94 says:

    Yhea, you should buy the guitar package. Thats how a lot of players, including me, started out. Also buying the pack will save you some money, and if you decide that playing guitar isn’t for you than you won’t have wasted a lot of money. If you decide that you like playing the guitar than you can buy new a guitar and other equipment to fulfill your needs later on.

    How hard learning guitar is depends on how much time you practice. Learning the important and basic things, like chords and scales, might seem hard at first but it’ll get easier. Good luck playing the guitar. If you’ve got anymore questions just email me.

  4. Supa is growing stupendous stuff says:

    yes…it would get you started and probably frustrated enough to make it about a month or 2.

    i would suggest, like i always do, a trip to your local independently owned music shop. any shop worth its salt will be able to sell you a kit like you’ve seen on-line. they will also, if they are any good, be able to provide you with an experienced player that can show you the things you need to know to be able to play properly…

    this, in my opinion, is very important. heck, paul gilbert himself…
    stated in an interview once that he spent months thinking you could only strum the strings on the downward stroke and that a teacher would have helped him immensely.

    the other reason going to the shop is important is it allows you pick up and hold and feel the instruments. even a true and complete novice will
    be able to feel differences in guitars and will, most likely, be able to pick one that feels “comfortable” to him/her.

    the guitar is one of the best and most rewarding hobbies ive ever participated in and my only regrets are that i didnt start sooner and that there were some times i didnt play enough.

    good luck.

    now playing: the quiet place – in flames

  5. Jack L says:

    Well i had started and it got boring after a while because it is hard to get your fingers right for the cords so by jut pullin strings i made my own music up sometimes its fun and sometimes it isnt but if you have a really good book tehen it might be good.

  6. eimhinsmyth says:

    I wouldn’t get a kit, just get an acoustic (MAKE SURE it’s steel string), this will be cheap, so if you decide to stick with it you can buy a nice electric.

    Also, acoustic will build up much tougher skin on the fingers, and it’s harder to play, so you learn good habits and will be able to play with very few mistakes when you move to electric.

    Get a book or DVD, and remember that chords, scales and theory are important, the reason a lot of people give up on guitar is because the learn the riff from “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and call it a day, when you know scales and things you can see patterns in more complex songs and pick them up easier.

    Don’t pay for tabs, you can get them online for free.

  7. *JynxInDrop-D* says:

    My advice is to start with an acoustic guitar. If you start on acoustic, yes it will be harder/maybe a bit more painful to start off with, but it will harden your fingers quickers and it will teach you the right pressure you need to apply. Also, with an acoustic, you can’t cheat =] when you hit a bum note, it’s very clear, it’s not disguised or hidden in a mess of sounds like you would hear on an acoustic. This may be diss-heartening to start with but it’s better in the long run if you want to be good. Guitar is no harder to learn than anything else. Just make sure you put the work and practice in, and don’t give up!!