Guitar Hero Games: What Is A Second-hand Xbox 360 Worth?

I have an xbox 360 console that’s been collecting dust for a while now so I’m thinking of selling it. Anyone got any idea what kind of price I should be asking for? I also have guitar hero world tour with all the instruments, what do you reckon they’re worth.

I’m selling a load of games too, do you think £10 for each game seems fair, they’re all decent ones like Halo 3, Orange Box and GOW2 etc.

Thanks in advance.
Just to clear up it is the pro xbox, not the elite. One wireless controller and headset, play and charge kit, and an unofficial wired controller.
Oh and also its never been hacked or anything like that.


  1. Fake Name says:

    Depends on whether your box is hacked to play pirated games, what type is it (Arcade which has lol no memory, a pro with 120 gb hdd, an elite with 250 gb hdd, how many wireless controllers, etc).

    I think ten pounds is a fair price for those games – but only if you live in britain. Other people across the world might mind paying that much for used games. Still, it’s okay.

  2. J3FF says:

    Sell everything online you’ll make a lot more money then trading them in.
    And the xbox and guitar hero and instruments are worth like 350 dollars at most.

  3. b says:

    look at ebay to see how much the going rate is