Guitar Lessons: GUYS- Would This Make Him Feel Uncomfortable?

I’m in highschool. The guy I like plays guitar. We smile at each other in the halls and I talk to him once every two weeks when I go to my snowboarding lessons since he works there. He brings his guitar with him, and we talk whenever I go there which has only been 3 times. Hes a tony bit shy, but hes really opening ip. He’s a year older so we have no classed together. I once heard him play for like 2 seconds, should I ask him to play something for me next time I see him? Or to send me some good music he likes over Facebook or something? (he added me). Would it make him feel uncomfortable? Or would it be weird?


  1. Nick says:

    I think it may be a nice gesture to get to know him if you two talked about musical interests over facebook. If theres one good thing that comes out of facebook- its definitley the opportunities to talk to people you want to get to know- but are too nervous to talk to in person (yet).

    But asking him to play you a song may make him a little uncomfortable/nervous/pressured. I think you should definitley get to know him more, and then maybe he will play you a song without even having to ask him!

    Good Luck

  2. polaxed says:

    you asked the exact same question the other day. it would be more weird then the guy carrying a guitar around. and nobody likes the guy with a guitar at random locations