Guitar Lessons: GUYS- Would His Make Him Feel Uncomfortable? Got No Answers Last Time?

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I’m in highschool. The guy I like plays guitar. We smile at each other in the halls and I talk to him once every two weeks when I go to my snowboarding lessons since he works there. He brings his guitar with him, and we talk whenever I go there which has only been 3 times. Hes a tony bit shy, but hes really opening ip. He’s a year older so we have no classed together. I once heard him play for like 2 seconds, should I ask him to play something for me next time I see him? Or to send me some good music he likes over Facebook or something? (he added me). Would it make him feel uncomfortable? Or would it be weird?


  1. kelsii says:

    nope, it’s totally cool, go for it

  2. Sherlock says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me. If he will play something for you, ask him to try to play it yourself. When he sees you struggle, ask him to teach you. If his hormones are kicking, he will go behind you and help you with your hands to play a little bit. Good luck!

  3. Will says:

    He would have an axiety attack and faint on the spot. Don’t do it if you care about his health.