Would you go out with this guy … ? :D?

*******!!!PLEASE READ!!!********** A quick tutorial on how to repair your ps2 power ribbon if you’ve detached it by accident. – If you don’t know what version your ps2 is, you might want to check here: www.tolof.ovh.org – If you know exactly what youre doing and just want to see the part where the ribbon actually goes in, its at 4:15 into the video -How to attach the ribbon to the buttons (to the lid itself) – www.youtube.com – If you ripped your pwr. ribbon, you can buy a brand new one cheap from here vpgames.com – I have a Version 4 PS2 so I’m not sure if yours would have the same set up on the inside. If you have a different version of a PS2, and it worked, please let me know in a comment. – Here is a very helpful tip explaining an easy wat to support the ribbion while putting it back int othe port if your little blue tab has ripped off… “Using a small, cut up piece of plastic (I used one of the plastic things that Imodium AD pills come in with the paper torn off) you can help guide the ribbon in, and the plastic will actually secure it in place just as good as it had when in came off the factory. I gave it a few good tugs and it’s not coming out.” – Yaburu i noticed my skin looks really white, its the sun and the shitty HP camera haha

This is a little joke peoples, enjoy it šŸ˜€

I’m Greg “Ory”, I’m 18, and i live in the UK. I’m straight (sorry guys) and I’m 5 foot.. something.

I do an Interactive Media course at College, and i have no job, but i am looking for one (Lots of free time, yaaaaay)

I’m a geek/gamer (if there’s any difference to anyone), and i spend a lot of my time doing the load of coursework the course give us (fun times!) or gaming, if it matters, my favourites being the Timesplitters, Mario Kart, and ofc, Guitar Hero.

I like a lot of music styles (excluding Rap), Bloc Party is my favourite band, but some good runners up are Disturbed, Funeral For A Friend, interesting combination, i know.

TV favourites of mine are Scrubs, Family Guy and the IT Crowd. Fav films would be any of the Star Wars films and Hot Rod.. its amazing, you should watch it.

Here’s a pic of me, Yaaaaaay (not my best one ever) : http://ultraxs.com/share-849E_4B26672D.html

Soooooo, what you think? šŸ˜€ (Please?)


  1. Iā™„ā„¢ says:

    I don’t know what your picture looks like, but I’d like you, you seem pretty cool, I’m into guitar hero and IT Crowd šŸ˜€ haha