Guitar Lessons: Which Of These Guitars Should I Buy?

wel im new to guitar and ive came across 2 affordable guitars.but i dont know what one to buy.

heres the first:

and the 2nd:

i know they are good guitars as neither of these makes make toy instruments.and they are both very good.but i havent got a clue about tuning or playing so il be getting a few lessons so which do you think is better?


  1. ∞Margie∞ says:

    I personally haven’t ever seen/used either of these guitars but I read the reviews and the second one has a higher overall rating. Your teacher for the lessons will teach you about tuning and such. Have Fun!

  2. Krusty the Klown says:

    The second, cuz u will get tired of the squire, and when people ask you what guitar u hav, u say a squier, which is popularly known as a beginner guitar. Yamahas have nicer guitars, and all you have to say is I have a yamaha, and they dont know if its good or not.