Guitar Chords: Guitar/Music Fans: What Chord Is EADGBE?

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It’s the open strings of a guitar, it’s supposed to be a chord but I can’t work it out!
It’s not a song, that really is the question.
I don’t think it’s a chord at all but it’s a question that my teacher has asked us!
Guys you’re not getting me, I know it’s the strings in order of the guitar I want to know if it’s an actual chord like C major for a blatant example lol


  1. tn_lonely1 says:

    Whats the song. Perhaps we can lead you in the right direction.
    You simply have the strings listed which would lead me to think it’s an open strum.

  2. jules says:

    From thickest to thinnest, the strings should be EADGBE.
    im assuming these are just the strings in order

  3. I hate winter says:

    I recon it’s some E related chord but I’ve never thought as all the open strings as a chord before..

  4. Raindrop says:

    Yes it is the open strings of a guitar from low to high: EADGBE
    It is NOT a chord. And if it was, I would not like the sound of that chord. You do however, tune the strings in that order.

  5. Brando says:

    How is it written out? Are you looking at a TAB chord diagram? That will look kind of like a picture of the guitar fretboard. Is it at the beginning of a song? If it is, it is most likely telling you the tuning the song it in.

  6. Andy D says:

    I don’t think it’s a real chord with a real name. Maybe your teacher was having a joke and making you think.

  7. LEX says:

    This is not a chord, it’s the string properties!

  8. MOSES T says:

    The open strings played on the guitar would be an E minor chord with and E and A bass. I have played this chord without the E bass, starting on the A string strumming downward. It could be notated like this: Em/A.

  9. puckfreak02 says:

    The E minor 7th add 11 or “Em7add11″ chord is the chord you play when you strum your guitar open without pressing any strings down. It doesn’t sound like much when you do that but the importance of this chord is that you can use it to buy time between other chords if you need to so that you can move your fingers to the next position. It also makes the song sound more full and flowing.

    I’m pretty sure this is what you were looking for. I hope I’ve been helpful.

  10. Purslane says:

    Em/D uses the top 4 open strings, EBGD, and A11 uses the top 5 open strings, EBGDA, but I don’t think there’s a chord that uses all 6 open strings EBGDAE, as you ask.

    Try looking at – they don’t seem to think there’s one with all open strings either.

    Hope that’s the answer you’re after!

  11. Stephen C says:

    Two names for this chord … A11 or Em / D.

    Hope that sorts your problem out.