Guitar Chords: Guitarists: How Do I Play A B Chord?

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I dont understand how you can have one finger over two strings that have 3 strings between them. I understand when you play F, you can have your two fingers over the two strings cause they are beside each other but i have absaloutly no idea how to do a B chord and other chords where you have to have one finger over multiple strings.
Please some one tell me, a way, without breaking my fingers, how to do it.


  1. Jdmase says:

    Its called “barring” Place your first finger all the way across the 1st fret. Then use your remaining fingers for the 3rd fret.

    Hope i helped.

  2. Love life. says:

    First finger ..first string ..first fret then fingers two three and four third fret strings 234

  3. Woody Black says:
  4. Hello says:

    You can use your index for the outer strings and either your pinky or ring to do the inner three.It takes a while to get the strength so persevere!!!!