Guitar Chords: Guitar To Ukelele Transposition?

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Does anyone know how I can transpose a song for guitar onto a ukulele? Do I just play the same chords as on the guitar or do they need to be changed in some way?


  1. Derick C says:

    Just get a ukulele cord chart (many on the internet) and then just use the same cords.

  2. fixed wheel yellowbelly says:

    The above is a good answer, but there is another way.

    The guitar chord shape for a G chord (the top 4 strings) is a C chord on a uke. If you follow this through, a D on the guitar is a G on the uke. This transposition of chords works all the way through. The chord A on Guitar = D on uke. I hope that this helps.

    Also try ‘www.’ where there is a facility to look up songs, transpose them and also be given the chord boxes for several instruments including the ukulele in several tunings.

  3. CowUkeA says:

    Elizabeth A,
    You can use the same chords as a guitar…..only the fingering will be different.
    No problem with
    Just find the chord fingering and go for it.
    Have fun,