Guitar Songs: Where Can I Get The Guitar Tab Book Of All The Libertines Songs?

READ THE DESCRIPTION: The rock band was forced to play in playback during an italian tv show about football “Quelli che il Calcio”. So Muse decided to exchange their instruments and positions. The singer became a drummer, the drummer sang and played bass, and the guy who usually play the bass played guitar and keyboard. Nobody (in the tv show) noticed the difference. Futhermore at the end of that fantastic performance the hostess interviewed the drummer that still acting like the singer talked about his friend matthew at the drum (he his the real singer). PS. sorry for not perfect english and remember that not all italians are ignorant and egocentric like the staff of that show


  1. voodoo chilled says:


  2. Alex S says:

    well im not sure where you live, if your in london you can get it from most shops on denmark street. if in the states try guitar centre.

  3. JEREMY J says:

    there’s a site on the web called chordie , try there.