Guitar Lessons: Guitar Success?

A lot of people ask me to do a Guitar Lesson about this Song. I hope you enjoyed and I hope it is clear. If you need any Tabs? Send me a E-Mail.

To any accomplished guitarists – What have been some of the turning points in your progression ? I’ve been playing 3 years and would say having lessons and varying my approach have been good points. I’m also trying to get in a band.


  1. narisa says:

    i wanna play or learn to play it but too much schoolwork.

  2. gm says:

    Reaching the point where I knew & could say “I know I am really good and I know what I need to work on, too.” Not a bloated ego, nor a shy, insecure position – a real picture of where I was and what I could and couldn’t do. Back when, the BEST smokin’ studio guitarist of my generation stopped me in the street – I didn’t even know he knew about me – and asked me to do some guitars on his project… I damn nearly passed out… and then I accepted that, OK, I was pretty good. Do play with other people, as many as you can meet, as many styles as you can do. That is the best school. Grow a very thick skin, though – musicians can be brutally honest and mercilessly critical.

  3. spoodillishly spoodillish says:

    when im not the best guitarist but my brother is. he has been playing for 3-4 years. after about 2 years of practice he is now really good. he is in a band(Kinda) its kinda like a garage band but we play in our basement. I’m the drummer. anyway just try to find some friends and get them to get instruments and play together. i’m trying to get some of my friends to play. I’m just playing w/ my brother and his friends.

    Have fun!>>>!

    *Rocker salute*

  4. Arthur R says:

    `Tho I`m not a guitarist (Trombone!) the turning point is always live performance, get in a band, get under those lights & play – listen to all types of music – yes even Country & Western!!! – play along with the CDs in your home – there is nothing wrong with “ripping off” licks – soon you will have your own! I have been playing for years & have in the past played with many “names” – above all ENJOY!!!!

  5. ThinkaboutThis says:

    Hearing myself for the first time on a recording, I didn’t beleive it was me, I thought someone over dubed my part. However, it turned out it was me, what a confidence builder to say I did that!

    I have a rock background and learning many different styles has opened many new opportunities for me. Also I’ve come to appreciate music I thought I would never be listening to, such as Cuban, and Brazilian.