Guitar song’s for beginners?

Hey guy’s I’m new to guitar, I’ve been practising about 2 weeks now, but I’ve gotten really far, But the thing that annoys me is, I can do parts of songs (e.g. start of highway to hell, or maybe a riff to another), but I need/want a few suggestions to a song I can play all the way through (Or possibly could), preferably written in tabs, but a song with few chords will be okay; thanks in advance. And preferably rock (For example: AC/DC)


  1. Robert J says:

    I’ve been looking for the same things for years…

    Most rock music only sounds right with several instruments – the guitar parts (outside the solos) are backing for the vocals or just repetitive and unrecognisable to others.

    The only things that sound decent on a single guitar without a decade or two practise are guitar instrumentals and a few very distinctive pieces.

    Try the main riff to ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ for a distinctive practise piece.
    Parisienne Walkways is reasonably straightforward & good note-bending practise.

    Other than that, stuff like Hank Marvin – Apache, FBI, Ghost Riders In the Sky – are all good tracks written for guitar and just about everyone has heard them & will recognise them.