Guitar Chords: How Can I Become A Better Guitar Player ?

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i cant move my fingers fast enough to other frets ive been playing the guitar for 6 months now i no the chords but i cant move my fingers to different chords fast enough


  1. Little miss can't be wrong. says:

    practice practice practice.

    be sure to practice at least an hour a day, and when your not playing use one of these to strengthen your fingers

    most serious musicians I know play for hours every night.

  2. Batman says:

    Don’t fret! (poor humour I know) The problem with learning the guitar or indeed anything is that you use those that can already do it as your benchmark think well if they can do it so can I and you forget that they never just picked it up and everything just fell into place.
    Keep practicing, stop putting pressure on yourself and enjoy the fact you are making improvements.

  3. Eddie K says:

    It took me a while as well. It’ll come naturally with time, just as long as you keep playing. I think they call that “muscle memory”.

    I used to practice the changes between only two chords at a time, ’cause that’s easier to coordinate. E.g. do a G, then a D, than a G again, then D, G, D, G and so on. Do that for at least a few minutes everyday, and then try with other chords.

    Also, pay attention to the finger movement. E.g. do a G and stop, look at where each of your fingers are and where each of them have to go to in order to shape a C, rehearse it in slow motion a few times and then do it faster.

    And remember to have fun. It will be frustrating at times, but it should not be stressing. Take a break if you need, and try again later. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen.