Guitar people, what do you think of people who can’t play?

Don Moen’s popular song “God Will Make a Way” with lyrics

They can’t play the guitar. No rhythm or sense of timing but they think they can because they know four chords.But they buy stuff for it anyway like guitar stands and lots of crap they don’t need.

It’s like they want the guitar as an ornament.

It’s like having a $ 250,000 car and not having a driving licence.


  1. Liam Waddle says:

    As long as they don’t get rich and famous (Arctic Monkeys, etc), they can spend their money how they like for me. I think everyone should be able to make music, even if they’re rubbish at it.

    And guitars make very nice ornaments.

  2. Nico says:

    i kinda feel sorry for ppl with no ear or timing for music cuz i been playin guitar and bass like 8 yrs (since age 8) and id just wanna die withouit my guitars. and my dad said music is 1 of the things that makes us human insted of just beasts LOL. but my uncle he cant play but hes got 2 nice guitars on stands cuz they go with the room ha ha – they do make nice ornaments :)