Best Acoustic Guitar: My Guitar Makes A Horrible Buzzing Sound When I Play?

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It’s an acoustic guitar and I’ve been playing the guitar for about two months, so I’m still a beginner. When I move my fingers along the fretboard to play different notes/strings etc. it makes a horrible buzzing noise between each note. Am I not holding the strings down hard enough or what? How am I playing it wrong?


  1. Flowerbomb says:

    You’re doing it too hard

  2. Strobe says:

    that means that you are not pressing hard enough on the strings, and that you need to move your fingers closer to the frets. i have to deal with this a lot as a bassist the strings are really thick

  3. Paris says:

    The strings may be too lose or your guitar is just cheap and you’ll have to deal with it. Make sure your fingers are right up next to the edge of the fret (the line) or you will definitely get a bad sound.

  4. Fergus says:

    Yeah, you might not be pressing down the strings hard enough. Also do you keep your guitar near a radiator? If you do, then keep it away from the heat as it can expand the neck, causing the strings to rustle and go out of tune really quickly. I hope this helps you.

  5. jcr says:

    There are several possible causes for this. It could be bad technique (not pressing hard enough, pressing on top of the fret instead of behind it). This is the most likely explanation from your description. Also, make sure you are tuned to standard pitch.

    If the guitar is in tune and your technique is correct, but it still buzzes, your guitar may need some setup work. Cheap guitars (less than $ 100) off the Internet often have problems like that, which is one of the main reasons people around here will recommend against buying them. Let us know which frets and strings you hear the buzz on and whether open strings do it too, and we can pinpoint the problem more exactly.

    P.S. There is a common and dangerous misconception that the thing to do in these cases is to adjust the truss rod yourself. Ignore anyone who suggests that (Elias is engaging in sarcasm, not recommending it).

  6. Elias says:

    Adjusting the truss rod by yourself is super easy. Really is. Not ruining your guitar in the process, quite a bit more difficult.