Guitar Hero Games: Can You Get Guitar Heroes For The Ds I?

Thanks for all the love! And big ups to all the people who covered this song. You crazy. Lyrics: Sittin on my couch just you and me I make the first move to turn on the tv It’s late at night and your in no danger Here in my arms as we watch power rangers I know i’m not clever, I know i’m not smooth But when it comes to ddr i know how to bust a move I do this so you smile, I’m not gonna lie I’ll keep on doing this as long as i’m your geeky guy You could be my wonder woman I could be your superman We can fight the crime together even when were hand in hand I’m not much on saving worlds that don’t mean i’m a zero Yet when you need me most i could be your guitar hero Baby I know I know im not the coolest or “the bomb” but i can name every pokemon I’ll be your mario, I’ll be your link I’ll save your world before you even think girl I see you giggiling giving me those little looks im so oblivious with my nose in those comic books Realize i fell for you long before my nintendo days I just hope you fall for me and all of my nerdy ways Our love is risin’, I see you smilin’ Believe me there aint a reason for cryin’ Doing everything to gain a level in your heart But I can’t make the move until you press start So am I just so out of date that you just wish to throw away Am I just a bonus round that takes a part in all your games Maybe just a pop up that you click delete from your fate Could I be the one whos all up in your top eight Girl I can’t wait I cant explain this feeling you

we got the game after being told it works but it only works on ds and ds lite just wondering wether to swop or get money back


  1. Andres says:

    you should swap for another game.

  2. Nessie Plan B Boarder says:

    yes just buy the one for ds at game stop lol hope i helped – nessie