Guitar Songs: While My Guitar Gently Weeps Is Almost The Very Best Beatles Song, Do You Agree?

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Almost every version is incredible while other songs the Fab Four did are not as good as the original. I reckon the is the real testament to a song, if it can be covered and sound almost as good as the original or better.


  1. EarthCalling says:

    I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
    Still my guitar gently weeps.
    I don’t know how you were diverted you were perverted too
    I don’t know how you were inverted no one alerted you.

    Oi George, stop the stupid rhyming and sweep the bloody floor.

  2. Terrible Lusardi says:

    It is a classic. Nuff said.

  3. Georgey S says:

    I do love the song but i don’t think there is a definitive best Beatles song. Mainly because they have so many classics but also because it is a matter of opinion.

  4. kaiya p says:

    yes i think it’s the best too

  5. Who Dat says:

    It’s near the top, for sure. There are just so many great songs by the Beatles. It’s hard to pick just one. I really like Strawberry Fields Forever and All You Need Is Love, too. While My Guitar Gently Weeps is brilliant though.

  6. garyindiana says:

    Only if you’re as high as a kite!!!!!….it’s not classified as a Beatle Classic because it’s not a Lennon and Mc Cartney composition.’…also if you do a cover of any song you should not just copy the original….put your own stamp on it like Michael Buble did with ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ ,..I think it’s actually better than the original….

  7. Persephinae says:

    It’s a great song, and one of my top faves, but I dunno about being the best. :)

    I think “All You Need is Love” is the best, followed by:

    – Across the Universe
    – Eleanor Rigby
    – Here Comes the Sun
    – Blackbird
    – Hey Jude

  8. athomasmueller says:

    I think it’s a great song. I prefer the acoustic version to the electric. Only because of the extra lines. It would be hard pressed to pick any one song as The Beatles best song. One could argue that it’s not even a Beatles song proper, as Eric Clapton plays lead on the song.

    I think Paul McCartney hit the nail on the head with Beatles music. They were always looking for a new sound in every song they did. They were allowed to do things that no other band could. They could experiment to their hearts content. Other musicians of the time had their new paths dismissed out of hand.

    To mind come The Beach Boys, and The Monkees. Both of which wanted to take different directions, but their record companies only wanted reworkings of the same old thing, only different, but not too different.

    Nobody told The Beatles what to do since the time the told George Martin they wouldn’t record a song he had chosen for them in 1962. Since that time The Beatles did as they wanted more or less.

  9. beatlefan says:

    Prince, Tom Petty and Eric Clapton did a hell of a cover for George’s inauguration into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, it was awesome, Prince’s interpretation is mind blowing, a thoroughly enjoyable performance…
    There are also some great versions performed on ukelele :) while it may seem an odd choice, I heard a couple of times along the way that George was known to carry a uke with him when he traveled, because it was small and easy to pack…he may have even written that on a uke sometime when he was on the road somewhere….
    My own version in the shower is not so incredible however….I know all the words, but I don’t know how to play a guitar, and even if I did, doing so with an electric guitar in the shower shows questionable judgment, so maybe not *every* version. :)
    In my life, I feel Let it be is their best single as a group, Abby Road their best album as a group, especially the b side. And I can perform let it be in the shower a capella :)
    I don’t understand your point of view on whether it could be covered or not, though. If no one can do it as well as the original, they did it right the first time, they hit the height, while others can only aspire to it….If it’s too good to ever be done again, that seems to me to be a mark of greatness….