Best Acoustic Guitar: How Much Does A Guitar Cost?

There are talented musicians … and then there’s this guy. Gloriously funktastic. I am in no way affiliated with this awesomeness. I just happened to be in the right place and time with a camera. If you wanna show him some love, here’s a shot of his busking bag with his contact info, and yes — it was full of money:

For a while now, I’ve been longing to play the guitar (acoustic). I was doing a little research, and seeing that the Dreadnought Style Acoustic Guitar seems to suit beginners better, maybe I should look for this one. To anybody who knows how much that particular guitar costs, please let me know. I’m willing to put hours into it, and it will definitely be used.


  1. BabiSupaCool says:

    It costs 1penny.
    Check out EBay, they have really good offers from differentr sellers and you can buy new or second hand x

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  2. Ant Shore says:

    About £10 if you want a pretty poor quality one, but it will do the job for a beginner. Go up to £20 though if you want it to make good sound and be fairly reliable.

  3. Maggie Davidson says:

    I don’t know how much that specifically costs, but I wouldn’t suggest picking a guitar from an online search because you don’t really know it until you’ve played it. I would go to your local music store with a budget in mind and pick your favorite that meets that budget.

  4. jcr says:

    Dreadnought simply refers to a size/shape, and the commonest one at that. They come in all prices. Plan on spending US $ 150-300 for a beginner instrument that won’t hold you back, and get it from a guitar store if you possibly can. That way any problems can be quickly corrected.