Guitar Chords: Guitar Chords For HOLD ME CLOSE David Essex?

Cover of the original song by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” I play this a lot and people seem to enjoy it so I decided to follow the fold and put it up on youtube… sorry alan menken, I know the chords are off but I had to change it a little for the guitar

i know that this question could be quite embarrassing but i like this song !! i have googled it extensively but can only find the lyrics,
i am a very experienced ( 30 years ) gigging guitarist and realise that it can be played with 3 major and a couple of minor chords it sounds ok and you can get by with it but its just not right !! i had the sheet music years ago and i absolutely remember that it had a few augmenteds & diminisheds and a few other obscure chords thrown in and they really made the song sound as it should, can any body help !!!
thanks rod


  1. bennachie1 says:

    hope this helps

    this site lists the sheet music for sale

    it is in the 4th paragraph last line.