Guitar chord question…?

John Michael Talbot Live in Concert performing one of his best-known songs, “Holy is His Name”

On this site when playing the ones labelled “1” do hold my finger along the second fret to cover all but the first string?


  1. Lindsay says:

    You place your finger right before the fret ends. Make sure your guitar is tune, and you are using the right fingers! If you have any more questions edit them in or ask another.

  2. Maxinquaye says:

    No because you will be covering the open strings which are meant to be played with no fingers on them to create the sound.

    If the number “1” is over a couple of strings then you would use your finger to cover those strings only.

    P.S. If you’re trying to learn then start with these “C”, “D” and “G”. Keep practicing them in various forms to get your hand knowing those chords. These are the chords most rock songs would probably be using.