Guitar Chords: What Is A Guitar Chord?

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  1. dugary1234 says:

    A guitar chord is a collection of tones usually sounded together at once, played on a guitar. It can be composed of notes played on a some adjacent or separate strings or all the strings together.

  2. blue-cat says:

    A chord is a collection of notes, played at the same time that together provide the background for the song.

    By altering the notes used you can make chords sound cheerful or sad (major or minor).

    Guitar chords work on this principle. Have a go at randomly making up some chords on the website then trying them on your guitar to see how they sound.

  3. Westinghouse says:

    Minors, majors, flats and sharps of: A, B, C, D, E, F and G

  4. LucasMan says:

    Play more than one note at a time on a guitar. That’s a guitar chord.

    Certain combinations of notes are more pleasant or useful in creating songs, and we give them names so that it’s easy for us to tell others how to play our song.

  5. andy muso says:

    A chord can be played on any instrument that is able to play two or more notes at the same time. It is basically two or more notes played at the same time although there are rules governing their construction. On the guitar there are standard shapes which all beginners learn.