Guitar Chords: Know Anything About Guitar?

Adoption may not be in the cards for Kitty and Robert.

I am just starting out on guitar. I know a few chords but hardly anything about guitars. If you know anything about guitar playing or the guitars themselves let me know. I am mostly wondering about how long it will take for my fingers to get tough. I’ve had my guitar for about two days and have been playing all day. my fingers are already starting to feel a bit tough but not tough enough. it only hurts a bit.
If you know anything at all about guitars please tell me.


  1. guitar_freekp says:

    well if you want to know every chord possible..


  2. Shnitzel says:

    Play for around 2 hrs at a go, then have a break. Play every day and your fingers should be ‘worn in’ after a week or two.