Yamaha Acoustic Guitar: Which Guitar Is Best?

right, here’s the link to a comparison website for yamaha guitars, although it doesnt have to be yamaha, if there are better for cheaper guitars on the matket
which one is the best acoustic for beginners
i dont want anything snazzy, or over £200, and i want it to be good for beginners


  1. leopard says:

    get a candy apple red fender, my bro got 1 3 weeks ago i borrowed it and havent given it back yet 😀

  2. Experiment 626 says:

    I’d recommend anything by Takamine, Epiphone or Fender. Great guitars. But the thing you’re missing out on when looking for less than £200, is that there’s barely any decent electro-acoustics which you can plug in to an amp. I think buying an electro-acoustic would be the more practical thing to do as you wouldn’t have to buy an electro-acoustic later on in life as an upgrade. Once you play guitar for long enough, you’ll know what I mean.