Guitar Lessons: Good Starter Guitars For A Pop-punk Sound?

Solo acoustic performance of “Keith Don’t Go” by Nils Lofgren, taken from the guitar lesson of that performance which is available at

New to learning guitar but i’ve always wanted to give it a crack – had a couple of lessons and i love it. I’m hoping to be good enough by the time i get to Uni to be able be in a band, hopefully being pop-punk like blink-182/AvA/Sum 41.

I’ve looked around a bit, but as i’m relatively new to guitars i don’t know much about them – the Signature Tom Delonge guitar looks pretty awesome but i’m not huge on the brown colour.

At the mo i’m using my brother’s Fender Standard Stratocaster, but again the colour’s not ideal as doesn’t really match the pop-punk feel as it’s mahogany, but the guitars good. So i could always re-colour it or buy my own.

So yeah, any advice on what guitar to get would be ideal. Cheers.


  1. Jesus says:

    Listen to proper punk.

  2. Shane says:

    not to be rude, but yes clearly dont know about guitars…. which is fine.
    a strat can play anything…. they are along with les pauls the best guitars. if u like that genre of music just learn the songs, easy as that… if u want that ‘Punk’ sound buy a distortion pedal eg. a boss ‘ds-1′ and turn it up… learn ‘power chords’ and master them, then u can play every punk song ever made ever! u as a player make your guitar 1.sound good and 2. look good… u could have a poo brown guitar or baby vomit green but if u play it well then no one gives a shit… id worry about playing better then the sound or color of ur guitar…

  3. Norm Jones says:

    Hello there,

    Refinishing a guitar is not cheap. You can expect to pay $ 180 or more for a profession refinish job. The Stratocaster is an excellent guitar and can play anything. However, I think you would find this guitar would fit your needs very well. It is a Telecaster with P-90 pickups.

    Frankly, it does not matter what guitar you play. The most important factor in shaping your sound is you. Player skill and technique is far more important than what guitar you are playing. As for the color of the guitar. You are the only person concerned about what color your guitar is. All anyone else cares about is how good you sound playing it.