Guitar Songs: Good Songs To Learn On Guitar For Camping???

We like to write funny/stupid songs and this is one of them, Its about getting high while being on a mountain (its not to be taken seriously 😛 ) If you get the time please check out our pages :) thanks Social – Facebook – Twitter – SoundCloud – Youtube – Turning Toxic Free acoustic version mikey rowlands mike rowlands osh taubman guitar vocals green day avenged sevenfold big ass tittes and sexy lady’s are what we like to see TURING TOXIC “Green Day (Musical Group)” “Avenged Sevenfold (Musical Group)” “Acoustic Music (Musical Genre)” Punk Rock Power Punk Pop Punk Rock

any good songs that are well known by people so i’m not the only one singing hahaha coz that would be hell!


  1. Jimbo says:

    Camp Town Races, Oh Suzanna…Anything by Stephen Foster

    “Camptown races sing this song, doo dah!!! Doo Dah!!!!…”

  2. Kurt K says:

    neil young!

    1. dance, dance, dance
    2. on the way home
    3. tell me why
    4. i am a child

  3. pedigree scum says:


  4. Havoc_og_mc says:

    cum ba ah ma lord cum ba ya. cum ba ah ma lord cum ba ya….etc

  5. I'm Just A Cook says:

    Radiohead – High and Dry