Guitar Songs: Do You Need A Good Singing Voice To Play The Guitar?

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Okay,well I play the guitar,but I am just wondering do you need a good singing voice to play the guitar? cos I don’t have a good singing voice :( and 2nd question why don’t the songs played on the guitar sound EXACTLY like the original song? Just wondering :) Thanks!
Can your voice be better by taking singing lessons? :) Thanks!


  1. anne says:

    if you want to sing, it helps to have a good voice, but i can’t imagine why it would make any difference to playing guitar. songs played on guitar don’t soung exactly like the originals because you may not be using the same electronic effects or playing the same type of guitar

  2. OU812 says:

    Only if you plan to be a solo act.

  3. James Gordon W says:

    The Guitar can be a solo instrument as wel as a backup instrument. In fact; a leading Guitarist of his day, Ferdinand Carulli demonstrated the Guitar for Beethoven, then in his twenties and still able to hear. Beethoven exclaimed,” Why that thing is a miniature orchestra within itself.” And yes, voice lessons can improve your voice.