Guitar Hero Games: What Is A Good Present For A 14 Year Old Boy?

Okay this is a present for me but i honestly don’t know what i want, I have read other posts on this subject but they basically say video games and tech stuff ect. But the problem with those is I’m not that nerdy, the only games i have gotten this year was Borderlands & skyrim, i dont really want any other games. so are there any other ideas for presents i could use

More information:
My dad is a musician so i have a guitar and use his amp and other guitars ect.
I have a Gym in my backyard
I have some sporting stuff but I don’t use it often
I have an Xbox 360 (with kinect), a ps3 (with guitar hero), and iPhone (old version but i don’t care)
I don’t really want to just get money
I do have a girlfriend (I don’t know how that will help)
I have a mac (but i don’t really want a laptop or anything else)
My mums a hairdresser (we have our own salon)
We have a spa (cant get a pool)
Maybe some present that will benefit my family (most of my family is older than me) or at least my girlfriend
So there you go, good luck with that one :)


  1. LudaT says:

    3.14 year old boy
    4.14 year old boy’s friends

  2. Wang says:

    A book teaching you how to be a good man. You may need it.

  3. FlyAway says:

    =_= can’t u just figure out what u want for urself?? well it’s a present for urself so u should know perfectly well what u want doesn’t it??

    however, if u want an answer, a family photo together with all ur siblings in would be nice, get a nice photo frame too, will be remind u of ur family all the time especially with that frame in front of ur table =)