Guitar Songs: Good Popular Rock/pop Punk Songs To Learn On Guitar?

Сто тридцать шестая видео-работа конкурса “Разогрей Linkin Park” Описание конкурса:

Hi, I could need to do a performance soon, but I have no clue what I should play because I don’t thInk that there’s anything in my current repertoire that is well known, appropriate, and not something I’ve over performed

I’m not looking for anything too complicated, because it’s only a month or two away that I might be performing, I think rock or pop punk would be good with its not too heavy, so it won’t put people off listening and it’s not too hard to find a rock or pop punk song with clean lyrics.
I like;
you me @ six
New found glory
All time low
The blackout
Good Charlotte
A day to remember
Foo fighters
Biffy clyro

Also, no really simple songs like just chords cus thats really boring to play and people get bored listening and I will probably be performing as a solo performer

To give you an Idea of my level I can play:
Paramore: misery business, when it rains
Muse: plug in baby
A day to remember: all I want
Biffy clyro: many of horror

Something of around that sort of difficulty would be great because that won’t take too long to learn

Cheers :p


  1. maurice says:

    the ramones