Guitar Hero Games: What Are Some Good PC?

*READ THIS FIRST I told myself I may Re-FC this in the video earlier so I played it but I didn’t expect to get it again first try so the ending result is this video. Pretty pleased with this I guess Generally the blasts in the beggining and in the middle of the song are the toughest parts but I hit them respectively consistently by minimizing leg movement as much as possible which usually helps. Other then that there’s nothing difficult about this song. I guess Chemical Warfare is next from this game if anything. But thats a maybe. Not really sure

What are good PC to buy im saving

ones for about 200-370 puonds

I looking to use it for the internet,Bebo skin maker & to use my Xbox 360 games on it (Guitar Hero 3 & GTA IV)
No im not looking for games im looking for PC not games




  1. tif49 says:

    Amazon have some good ones around that price

  2. SteveNashRox says:

    I don’t quite understand your whole question but some good ones are..

    World of Warcraft
    Guild Wars
    Counter-Strike: Source
    Team Fortress 2

  3. ellie says:

    are you in england? i dont know what 200-375 puonds are equal to in u.s. dollars………………..(cause i live in the u.s.a.) anyway guitar hero is really fun!!!!! so is GTA 4………but i would get guitar hero! (=