Guitar Songs: What Is A Good Guitar Song To Impress People With?

Does any one know a good guitar song to play to impress people.


  1. Nessie from Loch Ness says:

    10 guitars

  2. Juttering Frank says:

    Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer.

  3. +Night+Nurse+ says:

    Nothing else matters – Metallica
    More than Words – Extreme
    Hotel California – Eagles

  4. Cayro says:

    “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

  5. mikeydred says:

    Smoke on The Water, Stairway To Heaven and Freebird


  6. Joe B says:

    If you can play it fast enough, the song “trolls in the dark” by rhapsody of fire is quite impressive. or better yet, try anything by dragonforce (if you can play to par with their songs you need to start a band.)

    of course you can make s*** up, that is what i used to do to impress people, use basic chords, techniques(hammer-ons slides and such) , and keep a pattern somewhat(they can tell if you BS it is you don’t keep a beat or a short hand pattern), then throw in some root changes(there are more notes then the key of C) and try different scale patterns(blues is a good start but don’t stop there). but this can only be done so many times before people start calling for friebird and s***.

  7. CaptainCrunch says:

    Blackbird by The Beatles

  8. keith B says:

    you didnt mention in what genre?
    the one that seems to get a lot of grins when i play it is country boy by ricky skaggs featureing Albert Lee on guitar.its pretty hot.
    i guess you can get it on you tube if interested

  9. joe b says:

    Classical Gas By Tommy Emmanuel
    Not many people know it atm but its old and seems to impress people wen u play it