Guitar Chords: Good Guitar (Acoustic/electric) For A Beginner? -Few Other Questions-?


I’m looking for an easy, fun to play, and not to expensive guitar. I already have a First Act Electric Guitar. I know it isn’t the best brand, but I’m just starting off.Its hurts and is a little tricky to play the chords correctly. If I got an Acoustic would it be smoother to play, and hurt less? Also what brand of Acoustic and/or Electric Guitar is a good/not too expensive guitar?

Thank you. (:


  1. ChloƩ says:

    Yamaha is not too expensive, beginner guitar. Some like electrics better cuz the strings are easier to hold down but to me acoustics are better cuz they don’t hurt as much. Trust me, after a month or two, your fingers won’t hurt, they would get hard where the strings go.
    P.S. imma belieber too! :)

  2. Ken says:

    I’m a bit of an amateur player myself. Check out some of the epiphones. I have an SG special. Thinner neck and lower action (distance between the strings and fretboard). Try looking for a used one. You can find good inexpensive ones and crappy expensive ones, its just a matter of feel. An acoustic may not be as easy, given the size of the body and generally higher action. As far as the hurting: if it is in the fingertips, that’s the good hurt, you’ll soon build up callouses and it will hurt less. If it is along the edges of the neck the frets may need to be filed down, $ $ . If/when you get the next guitar, especially a lower level model, run your fingers down the length of the neck and you should not feel or have your fingers catch on the edges of the frets. The chord trickiness? Practice, practice, practice.