Guitar Hero Games: Good Game For The Wii?

I’m planning on getting my housemate a Wii game for his birthday (20) but have no idea about which ones he would like as I’m pretty clueless about games. Any ones you would recommend?
He likes and has…
guitar hero, mario, wii fit and sports. He also plays World of Warcraft and some similar playstation games.

(must be available in the UK, thanks)


  1. Gamer005 says:

    Wario Land 4, animal crossing: city folk

  2. bergie says:

    Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
    Mario Galaxy

  3. kierax2004 says:

    Hey may like Call Of Duty 4, good fun on the Wii, also try out Brawl for a guy it’s a great relaxing multiplayer game when mates are around.

    Both are great games.

  4. Alexandria says:

    there is this one me and my cusins play its pretty awesome it called ”LARA CRUFT TOMB RAIDER ANNIVERSARY” and it is for teens and up and it has exclusive wii features… its a game were you shoot people and creat a person fing hidden treasures and try to get of a hidden island! its awesome but it only has 1 player, so if your looking for a two player then i would recomend ”INDIANA JONES” its rated 10and up … but its fun … ! so good luck !! xoxo

  5. Maria C says:

    Resident Evil 4,Mario Kart,or Super Smash Bros.Brawl.