Guitar Games: Any Good Drinking Pub Games?


It’s my 21st birthday night out tomorrow night & we’re organising fun & frolics throughout the night- do you have anything we can add?

For games all we’ve got so far is a balloon modelling challenge and a team euphemisms game- ie. two teams get one min to write down as many euphemisms for the word “penis”…

We’ve got inflatable guitars as prizes, and don’t mind forking out for a few drinks- but not many!!!

All games must be able to be played in a pub in central London on a Sat night.



  1. Will says:

    you could play pontoon for shots? or other card games
    have fun anyway
    and happy 21st

  2. JennaCelebrations says:

    Here are some American Football Super Bowl Drinking Games- but most can be adapted to just about anywhere-
    For beer pong you will need a table tennis table- or even a covered pool table, as well as plastic cups and ping pong balls.

  3. Neil says:

    Jacks with a pack of cards always goes down well!! The first jack dealt the receiver names a drink, the second buys it, the third goes to the bar for it and the fourth drinks it in one or he has to buy all players a one of the same! Warning dont start too early or you wont last very long. Cheers!