Guitar Lessons: Good Book For Learning Guitar?

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I have never had a lesson and have been playing for two years i cant read music very well but i can play a lot of chords and bar chords i only know one scale and would like a book to take me far beyond beginner if possible i dont want to go through a book and still be on first position stuff


  1. John says:

    I wouldn’t recommend a book. The DVD course Learn and Master Guitar is better, it’s systematic, includes 2 books, teaches you music theory and chords from beginner to advanced. It’s a bit pricey so I recommend you do a little searchin and download it on torrent. If I remember it right, I got it from piratebay. It gives you lots of exercises, teaches jazz, blues, electric guitar, classical (fingerstyle) and acoustic. I also have lots of books on guitar but they all didn’t help, I could remember 4 years ago in highschool I was struggling at guitar. I was on a plateux, I wasn’t improving. It was until I took action and got this course. I can proudly say that my guitar skills are now exceptional. But if you want some other advice you could get Hal Leonard’s Music theory for guitar, it’s a great book with a cd that helps you on the exercises. You could also stick around to youtube lessons if you want to.Go for It! Just remember why you are playing guitar on the first place as your motivation and go for it! Me, I was playing guitar to get laid, have fun, accompany my voice (I was a lead vocalist on college), get laid, and because I love music. And oh, to get laid too.