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been playing eletric for 6 months and want to get an acoustic to also play. i have about £250-300 to buy one. any suggestions on a good one to get? thanks


  1. Alex says:

    Just play around the guitars at the store and see which one you like!

  2. okoyan says:

    I have a really good guitar it’s blue.. I got it from guitar center and it’s so amazing.. it’s perfectly tuned and all… the brand is lauren

  3. Passing Through says:

    Guitars vary a lot so you really need to try them out and see which suits you best. When you are looking at acoustics, the last thing you care about is looks. What you are looking for is the best feel and sound you can afford. You should find something reasonable in your price range.

    For the best sound, you will be looking for a guitar with a solid sound board (the front of the guitar made from real wood and NOT laminated wood). Within your budget, it is not realistic to look for solid back and sides too but that’s OK because they are less critical. You will also want to check the neck is straight when you look along it (from the side and from the top) and that the gap between the frets and the strings gets only a little wider towards the body but is not so close that you get fret buzz. You are probably familiar with this from your electric playing but the higher tensions in an acoustic make this more important.

    I’d avoid any guitar that is painted a fancy colour as I want all the value to have gone into the construction not the paint job. It really is all about feel and sound.

    I am loathe to recommend a particular make because they are very variable and, to be honest, it is a few years since I bought an acoustic and, even then, I was looking for something out of the ordinary. Yamahas always seem to be good quality for the price you pay and I bought a very good Crafter at one time within your price range. Budget models from the major brands within your price range are, in my opinion, unworthy of the label but they know people who know no better will buy them. The best thing is visit a guitar shop and try as many as you can. I would definitely try try something much BETTER than you can afford because it will give you an idea of what sound qualities you are trying to match. If you can make it to Denmark Street in London, Hanks is an excellent guitar shop – There are several good music shops in Denmark Street. Near Liverpool Street station in east London, the Guitar Centre in Brune Street, London E1 is well worth a visit.

    Hope you find the guitar of your dreams.