Best Acoustic Guitar: A Good Acoustic Guitar?

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OK so i’ve been playing for about a year on a hand-me-down shit guitar. And that thing is killing me so i want to get a new one. Any suggestions? Anything – €400 range.


  1. Lester G says:

    Collings or Santa Cruz. They’re both fabulous acoustic guitars although more than your price range. Worth it, though.

  2. Michael J. says:

    Electric is far easier to play than Accoustic.

  3. funky fresh man says:

    Brands that the guy said above. But try to find an acoustic guitar that can also plug into an amp. Those are the new things now, very sexy.
    Plus if you ever want to play live for someone, and if you get enough money you can buy an acousitc amp, and that sounds sooooo nice.