Best Acoustic Guitar: Girls, Are You Attracted To Guys Who Can Play The Guitar And Can Sing?

October 27th 2002, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, USA Please note: After filming the entire show by discreetly holding a camcorder in front of my face, my arms got a little tired – so, sorry for the camera movement. The venue didn’t exactly allow tripods to be brought in without asking a few questions. Thanks to everyone for all of the positive comments.

I love a guy who can play the acoustic guitar.


  1. Ladyy T ;) says:

    Very much.

  2. ♪♫ ♥Emily. says:


  3. Amy says:

    Yes :) Just like Billie Joe Armstrong!! x

  4. shizzy says:

    i don’t care. that plays no role in my attraction for a guy.

  5. Duo Seeker says:

    They’re just as stupid as regular guys.

  6. Prodigal Son says:

    Yes I’m sure some are, can play the guitar myself and the piano too.

  7. monica madai says:

    yes if hes not stuck up

  8. Hip E Love says:

    I love, love, LOVE a dude with his guitar!
    That’s why I married my husband… because he kicks major on the acoustic!

  9. Avocado says:

    Oh yeah. Most definitely. It makes me swoon.

    However, it’s a really big turn-off when the guy ends up being really arrogant about being so talented.

  10. M says:

    megan is a forty year old balding man with a small penis who hides in his mother’s basement and masturbates to pitures of nsync while dressed up in his grandmother’s garters and a blonde wig.

  11. Suck It says:

    Yes, i dont understand what it is about them…My boyfriend can play the guitar which is sexy as hell but he cant sing at ALL lol. He did write me a song WITH words & sang it to me though it was the most romantic thing ever (even though he cant sing lol).

    I love the acoustic guitar the most but my boyfriend has an electric guitar which just makes noise in my opinion.

  12. ch33rz.f4irqta13z_f0r3v3r says:

    hellz yeah 😀
    acoustic guys are sweet and romantic
    electric guitar guys are rebels :)
    i prefer acoustic
    a beautiful voice always makes me swoon
    lol xp

  13. Surfer Mia says:

    Not if he’s a jackass.

  14. smoofus70 says:

    Only if he’s attractive. I’m not going to be attracted to an ugly guy with a guitar.

  15. Helen says:

    if they are musical, i tend to be more interested and i love playing music so it seems like we would be able to bond over that we’re both musical

    and plus…its just hot 😉