How much would i get from gamestop if…..?

i traded in my xbox 360 and the following games…. bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2,Dragon Age:origins, Gears of war, Fable 3, guitar hero 3, Deadrising, CoD:Modern Warfare, CoD:Modern Warfare2, CoD:WaW, CoD:Black Ops… I was just wondering because microsoft sucks so bad… -.-.. all the games work. and they 360 works, it has a 60gb hard drive, a 360 skin, and 3 controllers, with 2 of the 3 in controller skins. The 360 is an ARCADE
well to be honest, and game place really, i don’t care as long as i get enough for a Ps3 and my xbox isnt in mine anymore.


  1. Houman says:

    $ 20, soz but gamestop is a massive ripoff, sell it on ebay as a bundle you could make $ 400+

  2. anthonyjackbishop says:

    don’t get conned put it on Ebay if your old enough and put a buy now price

  3. RyanGiggs says:

    Yea your better off selling on ebay, theres high demand on it for working xbox’s. As for the games, trade them in its easier, you will still get decent cash or store credit for the likes of CoD.

  4. chris Nope says:

    Less than if you were to sell it as a package on Ebay or MyAuction. GameStop is nice, but they really don’t pay out what things are worth for trades. If they did, they wouldn’t make money when they resell it.

  5. Jonathan says:

    ill give u a penny for all of them hit me up