Guitar Hero Games: How Much Will Gamestation Give Me For My Xbox 360 Elite?

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OK so here is the deal, I have a Xbox 360 elite (perfect condition) with 13 games and I am wondering how much gamestation will give me (cash)? I need money for other more important things. Thanks

Saints Row 3,
Battlefield 3,
Fifa 12,
Dead Island,
Borderlands (with add-on pack),
Guitar Hero- Warriors of rock (with band set. Guitar, drums. mic)
Motogp 07,
Grand Theft Auto IV,
COD 3,
Assassins Creed
I also have Xbox Kinect with games


  1. Brian Rissole says:

    Where are you? – if you’re in Kent or Essex I might make you an offer.

  2. Marlin says:

    ill make you an offer for the games via ebay or mail and ill pay you through paypal