Guitar Hero Games: Game Sugestions (Any Console)?

The Gold Saucer theme from Final Fantasy VII arranged for piano, from the piano collections. I transcribed the midi file myself, so its not perfect, but close 😛 The program used to make this clip was with synthesia and recorded with fraps. Synthesia is the piano equivalent of guitar hero. A slower version of this video can be found here: You can download the midi file from here: If you want to learn to play it, then you can find the sheets here: Scroll down to piano collections, it is nr. 07 and its called Gold Saucer

Its getting near christmas :/ and i need ideas for games (good ones) for any console i like racing games, games like tomb raider, cod, gta, guitar hero any even mystery games any suggestions would be great, Thanks :)


  1. that kid says:

    get GTA (grand theft auto) its BEAST

  2. ൬ɝ ƒąɨƪ Ȝƞɠłἶs৸ thªŧƨ սռթօรรﻨъlε says:

    new super mario bros for wii:P

  3. *r00fi* says:

    uncharted for the ps3

  4. Johny says:

    Grand theft auto 4. (PS3). Saints row 2, (xbox 360)

  5. All Star says:

    mario kart wii its good insolo racing but wifi racing its more challenging for the wii so get that if you have a wii.

  6. presley says:

    Get An XBOX 360. It is far cheaper than PlayStation and The console has all those games you are looking for.