How much will i get if i trade in my 360 with 20 gig hardrive wireless adaptor guitar hero 2 guitar rock-band premium mike call of duty 4 call of duty 5 gh2 gh world tour need for speed under cover simpsons game halo 3 tom clancys rainbow six vegas 2 fifa 09? thanx


  1. Rob M says:

    hmm i’d recon you wouldn’t get less than 200 quid

    you should put it on ebay tbh get alot more money

    and like the wireless adapter would get 50 quid alone on there but gamestation wouldn’t give you that :)

  2. Lee H says:

    Gamestation have been known to give you ridiculously low prices for trade-ins. I would say they would give you about £80 for all of that. Why not pop in and check with them? Or I could pop into a Gamestation store that is on my local town and ask them for you tomorrow or Friday if you want. I’ll email you what they say, would that be good?

  3. Kat says:

    My advice is go to and type in what you have and it will give you a good price..also it depends on the condition on each item..if you have cracks in the discs then they won’t take them or try ebay. or basically shop around for the best price.

    Good luck!
    I reckon you may get enough to buy a ps3. lol

  4. Sarah W says:

    360 on its own was £80 about a month ago.
    sorry not sure how much for the games