Guitar Hero Games: Five Game Series You Would Love To See Discontinued? This is the Command & Conquer Red Alert 1&2 remix of the “Hell March” themes from both games I made for Dwelling of Duels October 2008 month. This version is improved and has more powerful drums. The visuals are created with MAMPlayer. Studio Version: Orchestra Only Version:

Five series youve had enough of or just want to stop
1. Call of duty
2. Assasins creed
3. Fable
4. Halo
5. Guitar hero


  1. M says:

    Guitar Hero is allready discontinued

  2. DTASquared says:

    None. As a gamer I don’t really have a problem with games i dislike, there are certainly people out there who love them and I say better to have something you don’t like rather than losing something you do.

    And Halo?! AC?! how could you… ;D.

  3. Stephen says:

    I agree with your list! Games are dying out due to the boring continuation of these series.

  4. Johnny says:

    Any football game. Every release is exactly the same as the last one for one addition feature and a small bit better graphics for like £40.

    Obviously a bargin

  5. billy_the_kid94 says:

    Final fantasy, saints row, halo, fable, and fifa.