Guitar Hero Games: Game DiIlemma For The 360?

Ive got the money for two games. this is a problem because i like the look of 4 new games. theres either halo 3 odst, Guitar hero 5, Tekken 6 and Call Of Duty Moderd Warfare 2… Please help


  1. ΡΊ says:

    Tekken 6

  2. The Inc says:

    Get your 360 modded and get all the games you want for free.

  3. Video game expert says:

    you should get Halo 3 odst. And call of duty modern warfare 2. Both are super fun and very entertaining. Guitar hero 5, although the guitar hero games are one of my favorites, number 5 just simply falls short when it comes to playability. If you’ve played guitar hero before whats the point in playing it again? tho only thing that really differs are the songs. And while Tekken is a good game,its just simply not as entertaining as sticking fat brutes with plasma grenades and shooting innocent pedestrians.